Registration and Workshops

Dear filmmakers and cyclists!
One month left until the BikeKabaret. If you haven’t already registered, please do so now! We have a lot to organize and need a rough number to be able to plan transportation, sleeping places etc. – check out the info page and register:
registration form with detailed information

Now we want to announce the dates for the Bike-Workshops @ Bikekitchen Vienna which we promised you last week.


1.There will be sewing workshops, to craft your own bike bags, taking place at “Das Bäckerei” ( in the Tannengasse 1, 1150 Wien.

2. There will be workshops to repair and pimp your bike in the Bikekitchen, ( – Goldschlagstraße 8, 1150 Wien.

The meeting point for both workshops will be in the Bikekitchen, since both places are really close to each other.

The dates for the workshops are:
15th + 16th July – 18:00 
19th + 20th July – 16:00
 29th + 30th July – 18:00
2nd + 3rd August – 16:00

How it will work
Specialists from the Bikekitchen team will lead both workshops. At the 1st meeting we will decide together what we need (bikes, racks, bags or service for the bikes etc.). There you can also start a discussion about what is essential for a biketrip, which gadgets your bike should have and gain some extra tips from experienced bike/roadtrippers.
At the Bikekitchen we can weld racks, repair, build!
If you only have to oil your chain and build one bag, one session will be enough. But if you have to repair your bike build a rack and bags, please consider that you will need a couple of days and plan it in advance, so you are ready to roll with us on the 4th of August.
You will find all tools and materials there. Usually you don´t need to bring anything with you besides your bike, because you can always improvise and find a solution on-site.
In Bäckerei you can find everything for sewing the bags. BUT if you are able to bring canvas covers (LKW Planen) or other tear-resistant and waterproof materials, it would be a big help. Like this you can also choose your own colors and patterns. Hooks, loop fastener (Klettverschluss) and Latex is also welcome to bring along cuz at the end, the bags will be sprayed with Latex.

Both workshops are free of charge, but everyone’s happy about donations.

Write a pre-registration mail to inform us about the dates you want to participate! – office [at] kino5 [dot] net – Subject: BikeWorkshops

We’re looking forward to meeting you soon, and build things together!!!

<3 <3 <3