Kabaret on the Road

So 17.8. So that was it. Our bikes are with us in trains and transporters on the way back to Vienna. We had a great session with the Kinoites of Innsbruck (Kino Dramawas). Check out the movies we made HERE! Now we got four days to relaxe till we move on to the next Kino in Mexico.

Mi 13.8. Heavy rain but only 40km left to go to Innsbruck. So tonight we finally arrive at our final destination. Tomorrow starts the new session of filmmaking with the Productionmeeting between 6 and 10pm at “Die Bäckerei” (Dreiheiligenstraße 21a Innsbruck). Sat evening is the date you should save for the Screening. We’ve got a great new location for that but we’ll announce it later right here. Lets Shoot!

Sa 9.8. - Yesterday we had the Screening of the first Session in the Stadtpark in Graz. If you missed that you can watch some of the films we made on our trip so far HERE! Today we are moving on towards Innsbruck. Six days of heavy padeling lay ahead of us.

Tue 6.8. – The first BikeKabaret in the history of Kino is officially on the Road. On monday we left from Vienna, yesterday we passed the Semmering and tonight we’re finally gonna reach Graz. You can still join us there in our kinolab (Feldkirchenstr. 93) or just come to the Screening on friday. Check back on this site on friday for the announcement of the location. Better don’t miss it – gonna regret it!

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