KinoDynamique 2016

 29 shortfilms were produced during KinoDynamique 2016 (20.-23.5.2016) at die angewandte. You find most of them here. Some filmmakers want to send their movies to festivals or reedit, thats why you can´t find all of them online. Have fun watching!!!
But first some impressions from the Dynamique itself.
Starting with the production meeting – enjoy!

KinoDynamique 2016 Production MeetingFollowed by shooting and editing in the kinolab KinoDynamique 2016 Production
and the crowded screening at top kino
KinoDynamique 2016 Screening
Moving on to pictures in motion – here are your movies!

Musicvideo by Clemens Helmchen

A Quicky by Sophie Stadler

Shortfilm by Mirjana Djotunovic

A collaborative shortfilm project by Julia Makoschitz, Patricia Hartl, Florijan Lörnitzo, Hannah Nestlinger, Julia Galimova, Teresa Holzer, David Meisinger

Shortfilm by William Tolson

Experimental short by Matt Turner

Quicky by daniel

Quicky by Alex and Daniel

A shortfilm by trytofollowyou feat. Sultan Cola – Be Sultan of your time

A Quicky by Nigel Gavus

Shortfilm by Mustava Yol

Shortfilm by Annika Stein

A shortfilm by Julia Polzer and Hanna Mikosch

A shortfilm by Hoa Vu

A Quicky by Oskar Korzeniowski

A Quicky by Alex, Irene and Dominik

Shortfilm by Alex VP

A Quicky by Irene, Daniel, Selina and Alex

An experimental short by Daniel Treviño

A shortfilm by Arthur Brux

A shortfilm by Irene Gruber

A dance video by Jasmin Blanda