How to make your own zombie and kill it.

at first there was the idea…

inspirated by your nightmares…

and it all came to life in the SPLATTER-LAB!

-  hosted by kino5 and EKH -

In nine days of D.I.Y. shortfilm production you can take your gory fantasies to the screen. We call upon all genrefilm enthusiasts regardless of their level of filmmaking experience. We can help you getting your film done even if your experimenting with video for the first time. All you need is creativity and bloodlust. [click 'continue reading' for more inos]

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FEST Training Ground – Portugal

Did you already make plans for the summer? How about kicking it off with a film holiday on the Portuguese sea side? FEST Training Ground will have its 11th edition this year, between the 22nd and 29th of June in Espinho Portugal.

Why should you come? Because you’ll get the opportunity to pick the brains of a variety of international film professionals, finding out how they do what they do and how they built their careers. This year we’ll welcome Barney Pilling, the editor of “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and Peter Doyle (visual colourist involved in the production of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy) among many others experts in the field. Join them in the evening for dinner to tell them about the projects you’re working on and get their feedback and advice. Unwind with a drink by the beach, and restart next day. Moreover, until the 12th of May you can submit your short, feature, documentary or TV series project to the FEST Pitching Forum for a chance to make it come to life. Check out www.fest.pt for details and apply!