The Collaborative Feature Film Project

The film is set in a fictional world in which new technology has enabled people to exchange skills.

Via the internet, you can can help build the “World of BATESIAN”: How has the possibility to exchange skills effected society and the individual? And how will this impact on the stories in the film? Help us by participating in the discussions and calls in the BATESIAN forum

If you want to join us on set, you can also post your details in our crew calls. You’re an actor/actress, set designer, art director… or you’re a pro in handling the lights or the sound equipment? Or you just want to make some suggestions for the costumes, props or locations… let us know! We are inviting you to participate.

We are a group of young independent filmmakers and cinephiles based in Vienna/Austria and we want YOU to help us getting this film on it’s feet!

It is our goal to create a feature film that entices and engages the audiences. You get to make a feature film together with talented people from all over the world! And depending on your level of involvement, we have different goodies in store for you… but the biggest goodie for everyone will be the finished film… and everyone who contributed will be in the credits.


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and join the discussion in the BATESIAN forum !